Chihiro Hasunuma an/eddy Exhibition "In My Head" at Rocket Omotesando / by Shasin-Bu

 Photo by  Anne Yano

Photo by Anne Yano

A Knit artist Chihiro Hasunuma showed her latest collaboration with Kazuma Shimazu (Hair Designer CODE+LIM), Maiko Sato (Hair Stylist at Kilico.). When I stepped into the gallery, I felt like I was in somebody's brain. There are three, pretty big colorfully knitted objets in the small room which she got inspired by brain cells and the Japanese girl in a bright red dress was sitting still in the biggest objet. Suddenly, an ear piercing woman's voice (it was some kind of interview but it sounded a little scary and did a fantastic work as uncomfortable BGM which was perfect for the mood tho) echoed through the room and two hair stylists and Chihiro started to knit those paper look-like threads into the model's hair and style the model's hair. The avant-garde art work immediately grabbed the audiences' hearts and they were totally holding their breathe.  It's been a while to see something so high-quality. BGM, Art direction of the room, the model, the dress... everything was ideally coordinated. The exhibition is open till August 3rd, 2016 at Omotesando rocket and I highly recommend to see this performance and exhibition.

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Knit Artist an/eddy: Chihiro Hasunuma 

Hair Designer CODE+LIM Kazuma Shimazu

Hair Stylist at Kilico. Maiko Sato

Model: Momoka Ando

Art Direction Natsumi Hoshi

BGM: Daichi Yoshikawa

Space knittting creating: Nao Tsushima