Lance Mountain Exhibition "On My Wall" Presented by Stussy at Ba-Tsu Art GALLERY / by Shasin-Bu

A skate legend Lance Mountain and Stussy Japan has started their exhibition "On My Wall" in Shibuya, Tokyo. Many OG skater legends including Salba, Brad Bowman, Steve Olson and Pat Ngoho joined Lance's party and enjoyed his amazing opening.

This group of paintings I started doing over 16 years ago of some but not all of the most important skateboarders who molded my love for skateboarding. They all had impact on style, look, direction, meaning, reason, attitude, purpose,creativity, competition, progression, essence, & pioneering of skateboarding that can not be overlooked, replaced or dismissed but only be built upon. I want to than the places, magazines & photographers who's photo hung on my wall from 1977-1980. You gave me a love that provided me with the opportunity to provide for my family. As well as a family. It has been good time. - Lance Mountain


Lance Mountin Exhibition "On My Wall" presented by Stusy

Date: July 31- August 3, 2016

Place: BA-TSU ART GALLERY 1F 5-11-5 Jinguae Shibuya-ku Tokyo 150-0001