Ash Thayer "Kill City" / by Shasin-Bu

Old black Carhatt Jeans, dirty moss great sweater with holes, over bleached rainbow hair, a tattoo resembles star sign over a face, the freezing New York city winter, five punk heads looking down run-down buildings from the high gate, those yellowed band flyers on the wall, Mr. potato head lying next to left over coke...


those graphic scenes caputured by Ash Thayer are nor fake, nor fiction.


After the infamous massive downturn in 70s, many landlords had no choices other than leaving their properties  because they failed taxes. Those empty lots quickly turned into where homeless bivouac at.


How did a girl from middle class in Memphis ended up living in the squat and what did she see through her old film camera?


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“Kill City"

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Her book “Kill City” is available here